Top Tips for Selling Sunglasses

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Welcome the customer into the store with a non-business related opening line, for example, What brings you into the store today?

Establish Customer Needs

Ask open-ended questions to determine what the customer wants as well as why they want it. Open-ended questions begin with Who, What, Why, When and How? They are questions that can’t be answered with a Yes or a No.

Product Selection

Once you have established what the sunglasses are needed for, eg for during or playing golf, offer a style with a specialised driving lens or a specialist golf lens.

Recommend Multiple Pairs

Suggest buying a second pair for a specific lifestyle choice or for the glove box in the car.

Polarised Sunglasses

Recommend polarised sunglasses for activities such as snow sand or water. That is because when normal rays of light bounce off any reflective surface they become disorganised and produce glare. Polarisation filters work like mini Venetian blinds organising chaotic light coming through the lens to eliminate glare and reduce eye fatigue.

Recommend Styles

Recognising the best styles that suit a particular face shape (s) is an important part of the product selection. Explain why certain frames suit better than others.

Demonstrate Product

Show the customer the features and benefits of the product, for example, wrap-around lens reduce the sun damaging the eyes, or UV coating is beneficial because…

Present with Enthusiasm and involve the Customer

Be genuine, the one thing that puts people off is an overzealous salesperson. Enable the customer to try sunglasses on, explain the reasons for the feel and the fit. Gain their trust that you are helping them make the right decision.

Remember people buy off people they like so be aware of a customers body language and if they want your help or they want to be left alone.

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