Standards Australia Draft – AS/NZS 1067.1 SUNGLASS

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After much argument in committee CS-053, they agreed the draft AS/NZS 1067 Sunglass is OK to go forward for the final “sign-off” in the committee ballot.


This ballot is now in progress and deadline for voting is 28 August 2106.


Please let me know well before then if you have any questions so we can put them to our reps.


Otherwise I expect our reps will vote positive so the standard can be published this year.


There are a few areas where we finally had to settle for compromises which made the AS/NZS 1067.1 sunglass standard slightly different from the ISO sunglass standard ISO12312.1.


The sunglass test methods standard AS1067.2 is exactly the same as the ISO12311.


While all the ODMA reps did what they could to make the Aussie standard same as ISO, we had to give a bit because the old Australian standard 1067 was very different from ISO.


We are getting the standards which are used everywhere in the world and in Australia/NZ much closer together. Hopefully the sunglass standards will fully converge in the foreseeable future – either Australia moves closer to ISO and/or ISO moves closer to Australia.


The draft is attached.


Kind Regards


Finola Carey

Chief Executive Officer


3 Spring St

Sydney  NSW  2000


T 02 8249 4380

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