Refusing to Wear Your Glasses? – In denial?

The old stigma around wearing glasses no longer exists and glasses and the variety of styles available are becoming more popular than ever. So – Why are glasses still not being worn by people who need them?. Whatever the reason is, not wearing glasses can result in serious short term and long term effects.

We all know glasses help to improve vision and if you don’t wear them, it may cause your vision to grow worse. Long term effects may include incomplete development of your eyes. Getting a very clear image to your retina helps your eyes to grow properly, so when eyesight isn’t very clear, it keeps your eyes from growing as they should be.  735fc967eb117c1264a988150418227d

For near-sighted individuals—those who struggle to see faraway objects but can focus well on objects that are up close—not wearing your glasses could lead to a lazy eye. Those who are farsighted and can see objects in the distance with clarity are putting a lot of strain on their eyes if they are struggling to see things that are closer.

Wearers of glasses who want to protect their current eyesight should be committing to using them as needed to prevent eye strain. Glasses with the correct prescription provide the most comfortable vision to reduce eye strain and over-focusing. Not wearing glasses can put eyes through unnecessary stress and lead to the development of headaches and eye fatigue. Although this does not damage your vision permanently, yet it can be extremely uncomfortable. Also spending several hours in front of the television, or working in poor light without wearing glasses can tire your eyes.

When you can’t see as well and you need to drive or get around, you are more likely to fall, cause car accidents or suffer other injuries. If your eyewear isn’t helping your vision or helping you stay alert and focused on driving, reading, etc., it’s time for a new prescription.

Having an eye check and ensuring you have the correct prescription is extremely important when it comes to optimising performance with modern day corrective lenses. Your Optometrist takes into account like the position of the eyes, the angle and position of the frame, and the distance between pupils. These make each pair of prescription glasses unique for each person.

It is extremely important to wear prescription glasses to keep your eyes strong, healthy and in a good working condition. If you have any queries ask your local independent Optometrist for more information.

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