Richard Grills will hand over the helm as Chair of ODMA to a successor at the upcoming ODMA AGM
to be held on 11 November 2015. Whilst Richard is stepping aside as Chair he is still standing for re-
election to the board for a final two year term before he retires. Richard has been the Chair of
ODMA for 10 years and a director since 1996 and has led the Association from strength to strength.
ODMA’s membership numbers vary between 70 and 80 wholesalers in any given year and are
representative of equipment companies, frame companies/ sunglass companies, lens companies
and accessory companies. The 9 person board by virtue of natural democracy has usually been
approximately represented by three frames/sunglasses companies, three lens companies and three
equipment companies.
Three long serving board members Gaye Wymond ( 2001)Eyes Right Optical (frames), Paul Stacey
(2001) Shamir Australia (lenses) and John Toouli (2006) Bolle (sunglasses) are moving on and a
number of ODMA members are showing a keen interest in submitting themselves for election to the
board – a very healthy sign. Incumbent directors Duy Phuong Nguyen (Essilor Australia), Lionel
Minter (Mimo Australia), and Robert Sparkes (Optimed) are all re-standing for election. They will be
joined by Nicole Perry (Safilo Australia) returning from maternity leave after the recent birth of her
second son – making history as the first female director of ODMA to have a baby whilst serving on
the board.
At the AGM Richard will be paying a special tribute to the three outgoing directors who have worked
tirelessly for the Association. It should be noted that the 9 member Executive not only serve unpaid,
but the cost to them in business time and incidental expenses should be recognised. He will also be
offering congratulations to Nicole and Grant Chick on the birth of their son – a proud new addition
to the Chick dynasty for Safilo Australia founder Roger Chick, a previous long serving ODMA board
The first order of business for the newly elected November board will be managing the tender
process for ODMA2017 which will include a full review of past events and an analysis of exhibitor
and visitor research to determine the future direction of the show.
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