Australian Event for the industry by the industry – O-SHOW second showing confirms boutique event’s popularity!

The Australian optical industry has come out in support of the second edition of O-Show, which was held in Melbourne in July. At ODMA we believe in Australian run Events for the Australian industry = events for the industry by the industry.

Robert Sparkes Chairman of ODMA says “We have been delighted with the look and feel of the OSHOW, with excellent feedback from both visitors and exhibitors. This pop-up boutique event is what the independent optical industry asked for and is now a confirmed favourite.” He added, “this is the kind of show that could easily move to Sydney, Brisbane or other locations if there is a demand.”

If you are into stats, here are some facts and figures – OSHOW brought more than 702 industry visits over the 2 days from 640 individuals. Most of the visitors were from the host state of Victoria (77%) followed by New South Wales and QLD with 8%. There was also a small attendance of international visitors.

One thing we noticed was that 250 people who were pre-registered did not attend.  A post-show analysis of these names showed it is common for one staff member to pre-register everyone in a practice but not everyone goes. This is very disappointing, though when we cross-referenced this with attendees it showed someone from the practice usually attended. Perhaps it is something to be mindful of if you are RSVP’ing to attend events in the future to be realistic about attendees and that it is unlikely the whole practice may come.

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We look forward to seeing you at the next pop up OSHOW event – but the most important event to prepare for is O=MEGA19 on the 19th-21st of July 2019. Held at the new extension of the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. This is an exciting new collaboration between ODMA and Optometry Victoria and is the biggest ever seen in Australia. Supporting the Australian Optical industry by the Australian Optical industry!

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