July OSHOW Presentation – Social Media – Why Bother? – presented by Vivienne Forbes from Social Ties

There are many things to see and do at this years OSHOW in Melbourne, and we are looking forward to a presentation by Vivienne Forbes from Social Ties on Social Media for our industry.

Vivienne will discuss how the Social Media landscape changes daily, and everywhere we turn there is new information, stories on “fake news”, “data breaches” “algorithm changes” “lower reach for businesses.” and how that affects us and how can it work efficiently or should it be worth the bother?

During Vivienne’s presentation at OSHOW2018 she will be discussing these points, how to get around them and the ramifications for businesses if they don’t.

The Optometry business is a visual one, its fashion, and it’s trendsetting. With so many fantastic images available, how can they be utilised? Is there a need for social media for the Optometry business?, The presentation starts from the ground up and will help business owners feel more comfortable and in control.

Social Media isn’t for everyone, but the key is knowing who your customers or potential customers are.  Doing research and finding out –

  1. Do they have social media?
  2. How well does it work for them?
  3. Chances are if they are active in social media that is how they source information about businesses and products for their optometry practices.

Vivienne also will look at the keys to becoming socially media active by –

  1. Knowing your clients and what social media platforms they use
  2. Replicating those platforms so you can fish where the fish are
  3. Who are the movers and shakers in the industry?
  4. What social media platforms are they using?

With this knowledge businesses will discover that there’s no need to be on every platform, a targeted approach is more effective, which makes social media less daunting. Each Social Media platform has its benefits, and I will look at Facebook, Instagram, the power of video and touch on how to best use Twitter and LinkedIn. Australians are aware of the latest data breaches from Facebook. There were reports that more than 300,000 Australians had their personal information exposed in the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal.

But what does it mean?

While this sounds bad, this data was used primarily for the USA elections. The ripple effect has now established that once this company received the data, it was out of Facebooks control and privacy was breached. This led to the latest Senate inquiry in the USA. The outcomes have brought about numerous changes to the data we provide knowingly and unknowingly to Facebook.

Previously the data was collected, and if you planned an advertising campaign on Facebook, this data was used to target the correct audience. The concern is this data may not be as readily available in the future. This issue is unfolding, and it is still unknown how it will affect targeted advertising campaigns.

To Find out more view the website – www.socialties.com.au

About O-Show

Held in the fashion capital of Australia, O-SHOW will deliver the latest industry technology showcase in the Southern part of Australia.

O-SHOW is owned by the Australian optical industry. It has been developed for the industry, by the industry. ODMA has been planning an event of this type in the alternate year to the ODMA Show for some years.

The latest offerings for the industry will be presented in a funky environment providing a relaxed opportunity to network and enjoy the ambience.

“O-SHOW timing fits perfectly well to be run in the alternate year to ODMAFAIR and will be a great resource for the industry” said Finola Carey, Chief Executive Officer of ODMA. “ It is a non CPD event with the emphasis on hands on demonstrations, and the opportunity to compare and contrast new products and equipment” .

O-SHOW will support new scholarships for the industry as well as providing funding support for Optometry Giving Sight.



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