If you build it, will they come?


The time is here – you have booked exhibition space at a trade show, maybe a booth, perhaps something more significant.

You’ve set it up, the products look good, there are banners, flyers, products, catalogues, you name it, it is there. You are pumped and ready to go!

Doors open, attendees are here – then what?

What planning have you done beside the booth design and allocating staff to be there?

How many exhibitions have you been to and staff are eating on their booth? or on the phone? Are the staff dressed like it is the weekend?

It is essential to set some ground rules on stand – no eating, no phone calls – take it elsewhere and dress professionally.  Name tags work well, so potential customers know who they are talking to, maybe even uniforms or a standardised dress code.

Have you posted anything on social media to say you are at the show? Take some photos of the setup and the end result of your booth.  Social Media followers love the journey and storytelling. Use social media to introduce your staff who are manning the booth, so when people arrive, they know who you are. Do amusing posts that are engaging and fun – people buy off people they like. Don’t forget hashtags too ours is #OMEGA19

What is the point of difference between your exhibition space and someone else’s? Is it just the same old same old, or is it new and innovative – what would you prefer to see if you were a customer?

Remember the radio station WIIFM – What’s In It For Me?.. you need to be tuned into that as an exhibitor, as all your customers are on that wavelength. So look at your booth and ask yourselves what is in it for our customers and why would they want to visit us? – it might even be a good idea to pre-prepare and ask your customers what they are expecting from the trade show exhibitors, so you can give them exactly what they are after.

Fun and humour is the key. Many exhibitors have much success with games, gimmicks or lollies on their booths as it draws people in. This is good too as long as it doesn’t detract from the main messages of your products. New technology, and virtual reality are aspects worth incorporating. Product designers, and international guests, are all good hooks to bring in the clients.

How often are your customers all in one place at the one time? Of course the problem is, they are also your competitor’s customers. The key to ensuring they visit you is to make appointments with them before the event which will ensure they visit your booth and meet with your staff.

Our show is O=MEGA19 at the MCEC from 19-21 July (trade only) but hope you can take something from this for yours.  #OMEGA19





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