Dear Members

I am pleased to advise that the development work on the ODMA Frame Standard is now complete.  Agreement of a standard for definition of optical frames in all software packages utilised in the Australian optical industry has been reached.

Attached is the Frame Standard in an Excel file with notes on each field to help identify the cell contents.  This means you will no longer need to supply several different file formats to each of the PMS providers.

Also enclosed is an IP Agreement for your use.

The IP agreement is for use  between each ODMA member and the PMS Provider.
It is for ODMA members  assurance that the frame data will not be used or passed on to any other entity for their commercial use.  It is not for the protection of designs, patents or other IP which members should  already have taken care of but to state that the member will retain ownership of the data on the centralised server and protect it from being passed on.

ODMA has paid for the PMS development work and the legal fees involved in drafting the agreement for the benefit of the whole industry.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards

Finola Carey
Chief Executive Officer
S401, 3 Spring St
Sydney  NSW  2000

T 02 8249 4380
F 02 9450 0962


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