Challenging times for the Optical Industry by Finola Carey, Chief Executive Officer

generic-image-1290574857_sml2020 started as a great year. We laughed about how 2020 related to eyes and vision and enjoyed the 12 months of mileage we would receive out of that pun. Now sadly 2020 is going to have a whole new meaning and reflection in years (and in history) to come.

At ODMA we have faced challenges with OSHOW being cancelled here and MIDO and SILMO around the Globe. Maintaining CPD points for Optoms in an interactive setting has become more challenging. Social distancing makes it even harder for distributors to get their products to clients. Product arriving from overseas has been delayed, businesses are under pressure and some even closing – everything is out of kilter.

As your Industry Association, we are here to help. We are happy to talk with you to discuss ways in which we can help you get through this. Conversations to date have included discussions with landlords, banking requirements, physical distancing and communication to your clients.

What can you do? What are you doing? Let us know what you are planning for the next 12 months.

With each state of Australia operating under different guidelines, it makes it harder to have continuity of messaging and working across the industry. The number one thing for everyone is social distancing. We have all seen how New Zealand went well, and they relaxed, and then it reared its head again. These measures will be here to stay for quite a while, so we all have to plan with this in mind long term. By sharing tactics and ideas, the industry can come together with a uniformed strategy to ensure customer satisfaction and comfort.

Please be aware too, that our active social media channels can help support any products and issues Members have. The new LookBook due out in October can also support product lines along with Eyetalk Magazine and our websites.

Our offices are still open due to the small community hub we belong to so please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or phone – we are here to help.

We are focussing all our energy now on 2021 and making OMEGA21 to be held 2-4 September a huge success.

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