At ODMA’s Annual General Meeting on 18 September, which was attended by 16 of
ODMA’s 70 members, ODMA’s Executive Committee for the next two years was elected as:
Richard Grills
Designs For Vision
Jonathan Lewis
General Optical
Lionel Minter
Mimo Australia
Phuong Nguyen
Essilor Australia
Nicole Perry
Safilo Australia
Robert Sparkes
Paul Stacey
Shamir Australia
John Toouli
Bolle Australia
Gaye Wymond
Eyes Right Optical
Richard Grills from Designs For Vision was re-elected unanimously to the Chair at the
meeting. Richard is the elder statesman and longest serving of the ODMA committee having
served on the board since 1996.
Bob Boden (Chilli Optics) and Cameron Hawke (Zeiss) retired from the committee and the
Chairman paid tribute to their work for ODMA in his address to members. (attached).
Newly elected board members Robert Sparkes and Nicole Perry will commence work for
ODMA at a strategic planning meeting on November 13.
For further information please contact:
Finola Carey
ODMA Executive Director
Telephone (02) 8249 4380

Media Release 31st August 2010

Richard Grills, Chairman of Optical Distributors and Manufacturers Association of Australia Ltd
(ODMA) has announced that, as part of their commitment to independent practitioners, ODMA
has made available for the second year running scholarships to encourage and promote Optical
Dispensing as a career.
Would you like to become an Optical Dispenser?
To encourage quality optical dispensing five scholarships are available.
This can be done through TAFE in most states or via correspondence course through the Open
Training and Education Network (OTEN-TAFE). Applicants must be working in the industry and
be prepared to devote 2 years or more to completing the course. The Edging and Fitting Module
must be undertaken to be eligible. These scholarships are known as the “Lindsay McGregor
Scholarships” in memory and respect of the late Lindsay McGregor who played an important and
active role in Optical Dispensing throughout Australia and Internationally.
Would you like to learn how to manage an Optical Practice?
One Scholarship only, known as the “John Jackson Scholarship”. (John Jackson was last year
awarded the OAM for his services to dispensing in Australia and internationally). This scholarship
is open to Optical Dispensers (holding Certificate IV) and Optometrists. The Diploma has been
prepared by the Australasian Dispensing Opticians Association (ADOA) and designed from the
wide range of TAFE subjects to specifically cater for an Optical Practice, it is available by
arrangement with ADOA and delivered by the Open Training and Education Network (OTEN –
TAFE) College. Eight modules which can be completed in two semesters over two years or less.
We are also pleased to announce the successful 2010 scholarship recipients who were:
Lindsay McGregor Scholarships:
1. Dorothy Roberts of Bill Grealish Optometrists in Perth, WA (pictured receiving her award
from ODMA director Phuong Nguyen)
2. Andre D’Souza of Riversdale Optical in Camberwell, VIC
John Jackson Scholarship
1. Youn Hee Shin of Eyecatch Optical in Runcorn, QLD (pictured receiving her award from
ODMA Deputy Chairman Paul Stacey)
For scholarship information and application forms please contact ODMA at Suite 401 Level 4, 3
Spring Street, Sydney or phone Finola Carey 02 8249 4380, e-mail
or Fax
02 8249 4922
Applications close 19th November 2010, for 2011 TAFE enrolments