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Why regular vision checks are important at any age

As we all know our vision and the gift of sight is one of the most important and precious gifts we have, but sadly many people wait until they have problems before they see an optometrist. An eye exam is the first step to fix vision problems, the severity of the problem can be reduced […]

Do’s and Don’ts to improve your eyesight

Following are some do’s and don’ts’ you need to follow for a healthy vision. DO eat foods that are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, and Lutein as they help to repair the eyes, such as cod liver oil, sweet potatoes, papaya, butter, grapes, blueberries, and apricot. DON’T say no to greens, kids! Snack on kale, […]

Craft Challenge

Make a Glasses case from an old tie. Lay the necktie flat with the back side facing up. First of all measure and mark 43cm in from the tip, then cut the tie width-wise. Discard the narrow end of the tie. Then use a seam ripper to open the seam along the back of the […]

HOYA Corporation announces a new product launch: MyoSmart with D.I.M.S. Technology to reduce myopia progression in myopic children and teenagers

ODMA Member, Hoya Lenses has announced a roll out of  “D.I.M.S. Technology”. Clinical research shows children wearing the lenses have significantly less myopia progression as compared with those wearing the single-vision lenses.   HOYA Corporation, a key player in the global market for ophthalmic lenses, is proud to announce a new product launch in the Asian Summer 2018: MyoSmart with D.I.M.S. […]

ODMA and Optometry Victoria launch O=MEGA19

ODMA and Optometry Victoria have announced the most significant change to the optometric conferences and events landscape in Australia for many years. The two market leaders in optics education and events have joined forces to launch O=MEGA19, a biennial event which will be the largest education, eye care and eyewear event ever seen in Australia. […]

ODMA Trivia:

The invention of eyewear cannot be attributed to a particular person. As early as 700BC, ancient Assyrians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Romans and Greeks were using different objects for magnification. For example, according to Glasses Crafter an eyewear company, ancient Assyrians used polished crystal while ancient Romans and Greeks filled glass spheres with water. Pictured is The […]

Don’t shower with contact lenses!

How many people know that if you shower in contact lenses, a harmful organism called acanthamoeba that lives in the domestic water supply can get stuck behind the lens? Swimming and even showering in lenses is an ‘absolute no-no’, it lives in the domestic water supply, and if you shower or swim in contact lenses […]